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First Harvey, now Irma.  What next?  The system off the Carolina coast is out to sea, but the system that was over the Cape Verde Islands has now become a CAT 3 Hurricane Irma.  It’s early, but steering patterns could bring this into Florida or the east coast as early as Saturday, September 9th. Now things are getting real in a hurry!

Historically, hurricanes that affect Florida bring a much bigger wind punch, rather than flooding, and cause significantly more wind claims as seen in Charley, Francis, Jean, and Wilma. The topography of the long skinny state and the high coastal population density typically leads to more wind damage across the land, and allows Florida to drain easier. At CRU our efforts to be ready to respond to catastrophes are incessant.

We are actively seeking property claims adjusters. If you have training, skills and experience in building technology, estimating or construction trades, there is no better time to jump-start your career as a property adjuster. Our Academy of Insurance Adjusting will provide intense training and mentorship to a select number of candidates.  There is no better time to maximize the benefits of your knowledge, experience and background.  Taking the option of responding to this recruitment notification could improve your chances at jump-starting a rewarding career in property claims adjusting.

Check us out at www.cruadjusters.com and www.aiacenters.com  
To apply please send a current resume and tell us, in 200 words or less, why CRU should consider you for its JUMP Start Property Claims Adjusting Program jumpstart@cruadjusters.net with a subject line:

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