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AirGas - Job Posting
North Carolina

Airgas USA, LLC has a Current Job Opening at its Wilson, North Carolina location. We are seeking Candidates with Experience in Air Separation, Cryogenics, and/or Gas Turbine Operation. This opportunity would include Operations and Maintenance of Production Units.
If you see yourself as a “good” or “possibly good” fit regarding the Job Responsibilities and General Requirements, we would be pleased for you to Contact the Hiring Manager for further Details at the bottom of the page.
Job Responsibilities:
·         Operate and Maintain Cryogenic Air Separation Units (HPX and HPN) and Non-Cryogenic Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) Process Plants
·         Support Process Plants in Wilson and New Bern, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC
·         Operate Process Plants Locally (On Site) and Remotely (from Home, another Air Liquide Site, or       other Remote location)
·         Travel between Process Plants for Operations and Maintenance purposes
·         Acquire Knowledge and Abilities of Processes and Equipment Operation
·         Communicate with Customers
·         Utilize Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and Work Instructions
·         Utilize and Understand Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P & IDs) and Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)
·         Utilize Computerized Maintenance Management System
·         Perform Work without interruption of Customer Product delivery
·         Perform Lock-out / Tag-out (LOTO) and Safe Work Permit (SWP) functions
·         Attend and Participate in Safety Meetings and Talks
·         Perform Inspections for Health, Safety, Environmental, and Security (HSES) purposes
·         Minor Mechanical, Instrumentation, and Electrical Maintenance
·         Perform Rounds and Readings of Operating Equipment
·         Assists in On-Site Instrument Calibration, Sampling, and Testing
·         Keep accurate Records and Logs
·         Remain Current in Mandatory Training
·         Travel to attend Training
·         Perform Analyzer Calibration(s)
·         Shipping & Receiving
·         Operate Company-leased Vehicles
·         Use Hand and Power Tools
·         Use Lifting Equipment
·         Perform Housekeeping Tasks

General Requirements:
·         Comfortable in a Process / Manufacturing Environment
·         Normal Work Week is (5) 8-hour Days
·         Be On-Call at other times outside of Normal Working Hours
·         Perform all Work and Duties in a Safe Manner
·         Must be able to wear required PPE safety equipment including, hardhat, safety glasses, safety shoes/boots, FRC clothing
·         Be familiar with Energy Control Isolation, Work Permits, and Lock-out / Tag-out
·         Must be able to lift 50lbs
·         Ability to climb ladders and stairwells
·         Ability to Work Safely from Heights
·         Familiarity with Process Analyzers
·         Current Driver’s License
·         Above Average skills working on Computers
·         Responsive and Punctual regarding Normal Work, Unscheduled Work, and Call-out Work
·         Ability to Maintain accurate Records
·         Able to Communicate well
·         Takes Direction well
·         Works as a Team Member
·         Knows when to ask for Assistance and where to seek Assistance
·         Be able to Work alone, at times, and without constant Supervision
·         Be Trustworthy and Honest
Hiring Manager Contact Information – Doug Silvey
Cell: (252) 234-2020 | email: doug.silvey@airgas.com

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